PT Sarana Indo Perkasa (PT SIP)

Our Company was established in 1999 by four highly skilled Indonesian field engineers working for a major multinational oil company. The company was formed with the specific objective of providing experienced technicians to support the growing ESP market in Indonesia. Over the past 22 years, our partnership with key ESP suppliers has led to the expansion of PT SIP that currently employs some 30 skilled ESP technicians averaging 15 years experience in the Oil and Gas industry. Today, PT SIP offers a legacy of success in supporting ESP operations in 16 Countries over 4 Continents. Our engineers provide a diverse background of skills with all our associates having a minimum 8-year’s ESP experience. All our technicians are SIP employees thoroughly vetted prior to hiring. The scope of ESP services we provide includes Installation, Commissioning and Troubleshooting.

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PT SIP will be unwavering in our commitment to be a reliable service provider of skilled Indonesian techicians that delivers measurable value to targeted service sectors in the Oil and Gas Industry. Our commitment is to :

  • Maintain a working culture that places safety above all else,
  • Uncompromising in providing only the most skilled technicians
  • Approach each opportunity void of any bias


As our core, PT SIP remains committed to providing skilled Indonesian technicians to the ESP space PT SIP will build upon our success by expanding our service offering into other disciplines PT SIP has the in house experience and, as an Indonesian company, the ability to leverage the substantial pool of skilled Indonesian technicians

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